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NoteScribe is a premier note-taking and organizational program developed to assist students
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1 April 2008

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Making notes is a regular feature of office work. Now imagine if you could get to attach images, files, etc with your notes and also get the facility to share them with others. Well all this is possible thanks to the remarkable NoteScribe 1.10. You can easily have the notes created and stored in a convenient manner so that you find the specific notes whenever required. The software is worth the use by students, researchers, teachers, etc that helps them to note down all the important information with convenience. You can use the notes for various purposes such as study materials, papers, etc. They can also be utilized for official communiqu矡nd team interactions.

NoteScribe 1.10 allows you to store plethora of information in the form of notes that can easily accessed. You can have the notes classified according to the categories, sources and keywords. Have the notes shown on the screen that for you to read and they are shown with the same font as you set it. It’s easy to prepare various categories and sub categories under which you can put your different notes. When the numbers of notes get increased then have the search conducted by sorting them or have the Search session conducted. The software also supports you with the features to add various types of files with the notes. Add images, document files, video, sheets, etc. Have the notes shared with your friends, etc whit the help of the Import/Export feature provided by the program.

NoteScribe 1.10 does not require you to put in much effort and helps you to manage your notes in a better manner. Rating of 4 points has been given to the software for the features, functioning and its effective sharing features. The fact that this utility can learnt within minutes also adds great deal to its popularity.

Publisher's description

NoteScribe is a premier note-taking and organizational program developed to assist students, professors, researchers, or anyone else in the organization of their notes, papers, study materials or any other digital information they choose to manage. Notes can be easily organized and quickly accessed by using NoteScribe's organizational tools, which allows the user to arrange and access their notes by categories, sources, and key words. NoteScribe's citation generator will make life easier as a note's source information can be saved allowing the user to quickly and easily track sources and create bibliographies. All you have to do is input the data! Users can also attach files (images, videos, spreadsheets, and more!) to their notes, search for words or phrases in their notes with a global search feature, and easily share notes with their friends or co-workers using NoteScribe's unique import/export feature. Best of all, NoteScribe is meant to be affordable for everyone at only $21!
Version 1.20
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Mike`s Mom
NoteScribe is the easiest to use and most versatile organizer out there. I use it to capture my favorite recipes and link them to the cookbook where they appeared originally; my son uses it to keep notes on statistics and people for his business presentations; and my granddaughter uses it to organize her papers in school. It is very user-friendly.
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